Nabe News: September 9

Posted on: September 9th, 2009 at 1:36 pm by

Is 531 East Twelfth Street an NYU fraternity house?  Jill notes that “on Saturday night hundreds of people were streaming in and out of that building and the police came by at least 5 times, to no avail.”  Zero-point-zero [Blah Blog Blah]

It appears that the upscale eatery Shang is having trouble paying its employees.  Fork in the Road stumbled upon a complaint by an anonymous server who claims that, for three weeks, servers’ pay checks have been late or non-existent. We smell trouble [Fork in the Road]

Mikey’s Pet Shop on Avenue A will reportedly remain open through the end of the week.  The unconfirmed word on the street is that a nail salon will be the new occupant, shelling out the recently-increased rent of $20,000.  We hope Mikey’s finds new diggs [EV Grieve]

Ever walk away from a restaurant wondering if the dishes are cleaned regularly, whether the waiters wash their hands, or if food is acutally edible?  Property Shark has a map which indicates those establishments with violations within the last two years [Property Shark via Eater]

Molly the Cat, a denizen of Myers of Keswick on Hudson Street, now has a Facebook fan page.  What is the world coming to? [Vanishing NY]



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