Nabe News: October 14

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Liquid nitrogen ice cream, the Jarmulowsky Bank Building landmarked, and Stuy Town saga, all in today’s LES neighborhood news!

The Jarmulowsky Bank Building at 54 Canal Street (corner of Orchard) was finally landmarked yesterday.  “LPC Chairman Bob Tierney called the building an ‘instant landmark when it opened.'”  It was once the tallest building on the Lower East Side, rising twelve stories above the neighborhood.  Now considered child’s play [Curbed]

Speaking of landmarks, the Tenement Museum Blog has a handy list of other LES properties on the shortlist at the Landmarks Preservation Commission [Tenement Museum Blog]

The shit continues to hit the fan in the Stuy Town real estate saga.  Cash reserves will reportedly be depleted by the end of the year.  The Wall Street Journal has a sprawling piece today [Wall Street Journal]

Something Sweet bakery in the East Village has closed for “personal matters.”  A sign out front begs for its return [Vanishing NY]

More information about the new Bowery Bazaar.  It will be an establishment that “aims to bring a sense of authenticity back to a part of Manhattan that’s been transformed from central throughway, to a gritty nab, and back again.” [EV Grieve]

Some old phone exchanges spotted downtown [Ephemeral NY]

A new ice cream shop called Lulu & Mooky’s just opened at 129 Allen Street.  It’s now serving 50 flavors of “liquid nitrogen ice cream.”  Sounds iffy, but apparently the mixture “is chilled almost instantaneously in a -320 degree F blast of liquid nitrogen.” [Fork in the Road]

Part III of Taxi Driver scouting in NYC [Scouting NY]



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