Eisner Brothers Building at 75 Essex for Sale

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There is some unfortunate news to report today.  The Eisner Brothers Building at 75 Essex Street is now on the open market. Allison B. Siegel, an educator at the Tenement Museum, provided an excerpt of the exclusive story, including an interview with owner Shalom Eisner.

Shalom Eisner grew up in Williamsburg and in 1977 rented the first floor space of 75 Essex Street.  It was there that he opened The Eisner Brothers Store. They sell everything! Here’s a blurb from their website:

Our tremendous selection includes tee shirts, sweat-shirts, golf shirts, jackets, caps and hats… [we’re] the haven for uniformed officers; they know they can count on us for all their wardrobe needs.

Professional sports buffs and amateur wannabes: you won’t find a better array of boxing equipment and licensed sports products than this.

Our collection of “I Love New York” items is beyond compare: creative, original and stimulating.

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While gushing over the 20 ft ceilings on every floor and the 14 ft-high ceiling in the basement, Shalom told me it’s his dream that if he sells the building “it will be left as is on the outside and become a single-family home for a famous person… Someone like Madonna.  She could have her own Lower East Side home.”

He emphasized that whomever (in case Madonna isn’t interested) purchases 75 Essex Street will have to leave the outside as is (“that will be set forth in the contract”). So, not to fear, Lower East Siders and friends of preservation – while The Eastern Dispensary and its patients are long gone and Shalom and his brothers are on their way out, I can say with certainty that although Shalom believes there’s “potential for a swimming pool in the rear yard,” 75 Essex Street is going to stand strong for another 180 years.

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