Tammany Hall Installs Ginormous Awning

Posted on: December 22nd, 2010 at 6:38 am by

Previous nightspots at 152 Orchard Street utilized different techniques to enhance storefront visibility. The Annex had a simple red light to mark the spot, while Doghouse Saloon employed cutouts of cheap, adolescent cartoonage.  With Tammany Hall now holding residence as a formidable force in the local music scene, their approach is a bit more conspicuous, if not bold.

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Earlier this week, management installed a ginormous angular awning to the building exterior.  This new facade furnishing ostensibly injects the block between Rivington and Stanton with a taste of Meatpacking flavor. Indeed, that particular style is not seen elsewhere in the neighborhood, so people will definitely notice the change. Day or night.

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What do you think of the awning?

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