10 Questions with Indie Outfit Detective Agency [INTERVIEW]

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Sometimes when you start a detective agency, a band is born. That’s about all you can dig up on the Seattle garage-pop foursome, Detective Agency. If that isn’t a testament to their sleuthing skillz, we don’t know what is. What we do know is they are cracking the musical code with super upbeat, gritty oldie-sounding tracks. They have a handful of EPs out, but much more is on the horizon for these musical gumshoes, including a trip to the east coast in the near future. We tracked them down in hopes of learning more, including how to be a good detective.

BOWERY BOOGIE: Did you really try to start a detective agency?

DETECTIVE AGENCY: Yes, we still have it. Feel free to contact us with any mystery that needs solving.

BB: Who are your biggest musical influences?

DA: We all like music that sounds good! Great melodies and nice beats. 50′ and 60’s pop gets us all. I think we also all have a soft spot for British 80’s bands singing about broken hearts.

BB: Favorite detective?

DA: All detectives who are strong willed, goodhearted, and sharp brained, be they police detectives or private investigators.

BB: Do you have any East Coast touring thoughts in the near future?

DA: Yes, in the works for 2015!

BB: Is a full length in the works?

DA: Yes, we are working on some new songs late spring/early summer for another EP, with a full length towards towards fall.

BB: Do you have a funny gig story?

DA: We were last minute added to a sold out show at a somewhat big Seattle venue, full of 700 screaming teenage girls, who all seemed to love everything we did. Which was incredibly weird and equally awesome. (Teenage girls are the best!)

BB: What are you up to when you aren’t making music?

DA: Hanging out with the best pals, Singing karaoke, slanging hot dogs, selling Swedish goods, writing poetry, and teaching kids how to do great things.

BB: What’s the back-story for the song “My Ride?”

DA: Listening to the Vaseline’s inspired Nate to write a song with call and response type vocals, where the melodies kind of play off of each other. The rest of the lyrics are a personal story, but interpret them how you want.

BB: What are you currently listening to?

DA: Nate and Amy are listening to the Stand By Me soundtrack, specifically “Get a Job” by The Silhouettes. Uli is listening to ’80s Pretenders. It’s a mystery as to what Katie is listening to.

BB: What advice would you give to aspiring detectives?

DA: Be curious, take notes. Keep it very discreet and very professional.

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