Tat Chat: Rebel Know’s Religion

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We’ve awakened the dormant “Tat Chat” series.

Say Shalom to our very own Allison B. Siegel…


What’s your name and what do you do?

Are we skipping nicknames? Aviva/Allison. Most people call me Rebel Know or Rebs, short for Rebel Knowledge.

I am the Resident Historian, Urban Explorer, Preservationist, Researcher et. al. for this unparalleled interwebsite –  Bowery Boogie. I’m also waist deep in graffiti sponsorship, genealogy, collecting sneakers, bricks and tattoos.

How many tattoos do you have?

No idea, stopped counting.

Which is your favorite tattoo and the story behind it?

Well, I never! No favorites. Legit. They are all illustrative of the things I love like my family, NYC, specifically LES, the 19th Century, Pirates, Ancient Egypt, Cabalah, being Jewstafari…


Yup, I am Jewish and Rastafari. I pull doctrines from both to create my own movement that suits who I am. No, it has nothing to do with smoking, which I actually don’t, though see nothing wrong with it.

For me, life is all about G-d, blessings, love, good vibes and positivity. Jewstafari combines those both perfectly.

Where did you get your first tattoo? Do you still go there?

St. Marks. Andromeda. No longer go because my guy left. I’ve been frequenting Fineline Tattoo for years now; the longest running tattoo shop in New York City. Go there. You’ll thank me.

What would be the one thing you regret about having tattoos?

I regret nothing except reading an article about how I will regret my tattoos when I am old.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking of getting their first tattoo?

Please stop thinking about it, analyzing it, fearing it. Once you ink, you’re inked and the rest is history. Only boney areas hurt and honestly, just friggin’ do it.

List as many of your tattoos as you can starting now!

Pyramid with the all seeing eye, hands of the Cohanim (Spock stole that shit looking for a signature symbol), Rebel Know, skeleton keys, knuckledusters (brass knuckles) with NYC written on ’em, a Chamsa, my name in Hebrew, Wadjet eye (eye of Horus), a few Yiddish phrases, skull and crossbones with a Rasta eye-patch, water tower, the 1st NYC subway token, Freemason symbol, anchor, some tribal, umm…

Check out some of Rebel’s ink below and her account of the history of tattoos in NYC here, here and here.

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If you’d like to show off your tattoos in our Tat Chat, drop us a line!

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