Satanic Vector Gallery Flees the Lower East Side for LA

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That spectacle of satanism that’s been bouncing around the Lower East Side of late is now history. Excommunicated.

Even though the lease reportedly runs through the end of the summer, its owner JJ Brine is heading west to spread the satanic seed of Vector Gallery in Los Angeles. The plan is to open an outpost there to continue the gospel.

As a flamboyant home for the occult, which mixed performance art with static installations, Vector sure turned plenty of heads in the neighborhood. Some were offended by its second location on East Broadway, since it was parked beside a Buddhist temple. Or its epileptic window display. Either way, JJ Brine succeeded in creating controversy and sparked conversation on the block. Now it’s cooked.

Brine apparently locked the doors after an Easter event called the “Night of Interior Restitution.” The farewell includes an incoherent Jerry Maguire-esque manifesto. Here’s an excerpt:

“New York City” will be a metaphor for something once great that has since died.

And what a slow and excruciating death this will be, until at last the city falls into its dreamless and unending sleep for a city that insists with every waking morning that it never slept the night before. With a smile befitting of a well-intending executioner Eye will send a ruinous and unforgiving carcinogenic Spirit to rot out the hallowed and hollowing interior of the people and places and things that cling blindly to a bygone legacy of a gilded age that never existed, depriving the present of its right to be anything of interest, irrelevance measured by the moment as a matter of custom.

In NYC there is no moment that seems less authentic than the present : so convinced as it is in the glory of a time which is said to have just ended moments ago, or a few decades prior. The death Eye will send will sadly lack all the ennobling aesthetic dignity that hangs in the vicinity of the dead like a mist. No, this death Eye send will be akin to a comatose state that proves increasingly resistant to sustenance by even by life support.

JJ Brine first opened Vector Gallery at 40 Clinton Street in July 2013.

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