Cope2 Responds to the Altercation and Arrest at the Bowery Graffiti Wall

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Graffiti writer Cope2 got in touch with Bowery Boogie to tell his side of the story about what went down at the Bowery graffiti wall this past Saturday. While Futura was painting his mural. He was arrested for allegedly threatening a fellow artist from Tats Cru with a gun. Here’s what he has to say, so listen up…

I went to the Houston/Bowery wall to support my brother, a real genuine man and master, Futura 2000, with my partner and 3 kids; my partner indie 184 was talking to futura at the wall. I went to my car with my kids to wait so, as im relaxing in my car, another artist who I don’t get along with named HOW from HOW&NOSM walked alongside, looked at me, and said you’re bullshit!

So I said, what. Then he stopped and started taking pics of my car, so I asked why and he said, fuck you that’s what you do to people. It didn’t make sense but I told him to stop before I get out my car and beat his ass so he said fuck you again I just ignored it cause I had my 3 kids in the car.

Before you know it, I’m sitting checking out my emails, and HOW comes back with this huge piece of glass looked like something from a broken window putting in my face and just started yelling at me, saying “Bio this, Bio that; Tats Cru this, Tats Cru that. He looked really angry I just laughed at him cause I knocked him out before so I told him to get away from my car I have my kids in the car like 4 times he said no I don’t give a fuck I’ll stab you mother fucker!

Now my kids are in the car so I lost it and grabbed my weapon when he saw what I had he ran for his life the damn coward! You don’t approach anyone with drama if there with there kids that’s a total disrespect everyone knows that.

So, I left my weapon in the car chased HOW like a block away told him to stop running and fight me he just kept running saying stupid shit I just walked back to my car and shook it off just normal shit to me he provoked me first and I told him get away my kids are in the car he didn’t care that’s top of the line disrespect.

I drove around the corner to pick indie up so we can leave in less then 1 minute I got swarmed by police they had an exact description of me and said someone called and said I pulled out a gun on them!

Hmm, sounds strange that HOW was the only person who saw my so called weapon it never came out the car! And people call me a SNITCH? Yeah, ok, so the police threw me in handcuffs, asked me questions about the gun. I said, “A gun, that’s crazy, who said I pulled out a gun? I’ve been here watching my friend futura paint his mural, you can check my car there’s no gun.” Thanks to the good people that were at the Houston wall who told the police I’ve been there and never had an argument with anyone. Plus the police found nothing so they took me to the precent asked me a few questions and let me go that simple.

You know, I’m just fed up with all the disrespect through the years with people disrespecting my name, my image, my character, with nothing but lies, rumors, and Photoshopped images. All because I went on another level with my art and they’re just pure and simply jealous! It’s ridiculous and pathetic.

I’m fed up with people attacking me every day on social media. I try to ignore it but there’s so much a person can take until they snap. My problem is I fight back too much and now they’re trying to use it against me, but what about the people who are disrespecting me is this fair! No, it’s not but for now on Ima kill them with silence and success and let’s see and already till this day I’ve still haven’t seen any real proof evidence or documents with my name Fernando Carlo stating I snitched or ratted on anyone and there never ever will be I can promise you that me a snitch that don’t even run or flow in my blood line these haters know it they need to leave me alone let me live my life already im a genuine dude I don’t bother anyone but these cowards always want to find someway to harass me there obsessed with me it’s pathetic already like jeez live your life leave me the fuck alone!

Thanks to Bowery Boogie for letting me speak THE TRUTH cause that’s what I am.

We furthered our correspondence:

I never pulled out a gun at the wall! And it wasn’t vandal squad who arrested me it was NYPD in plain clothes and HOW never called me a snitch! This is the problem sites like yours write something that’s not true and haters run with it and then I’m being attacked! I’m not no fucking informant! Are you serious to even write or say something like that? They let me go cause they found no gun!

The only person who called the police and said I had a gun was the only person who saw it. Ok, so who’s really a snitch you tell me?


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