Uncapped: The Kut Life with INDAKUT NEW YORK

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Welcome back to Uncapped! Last week we went the love story route. This week we are getting slap happy with Queens’ very own INDAKUT NEW YORK.

BOWERY BOOGIE: I asked you to write a bio for me and you obliged after kicking and screaming. I kid. Check it out:

Growing up I always loved art. I was constantly around it. Comic books or watching Bob Ross create magic on canvases. I was always surrounded by art. I loved doodling and as I got older something else caught my attention. Graffiti. Graffiti was exciting. All the styles and colors that were presented caught my eye. I used to practice my name and try to do throwies.

Unfortunately I wasn’t a Graff writer although I knew many that were. When I got to high school is was a different scenario. I met so many people that were hard into it. I went to school with some of the well-known vets now. I understood the language and the message these artists were putting out there. In the mid ’90s, shit was popping in the streets. All these writing crews were going in! Considering I wasn’t a bomber, I still appreciated it. I loved listening to the adventures my friends would tell me about. I understood it was all about the thrill and the rush.

After high school I attended college. I still paid attention in the streets. Most of the people that I hung out with at that time didn’t care too much about it. As the time went by my interest shifted a bit. My attention was geared towards t-shirt designs. Don’t get it twisted, I still loved graffiti. I did a couple of t-shirt ventures with others but it never worked out. My ideas and approach were far from what these other individuals had in mind. I then began to ponder on doing my own thing. Indakutny was established in 2010. I originally started with a partner. Due to differences it didn’t work out. I have a primary investor now and iNDAKUT NEW YORK has become a team.

BB: Word. Thank you for the forced autobiography. You did well. Thoughts on ‘slap’ vs. ‘sticker’?

INDAKUT: I honestly don’t get [the difference]. Stickers or slaps. I use the same term with people and they seem to know what I’m talking about. Then I get people that actually correct me on this and I’m like WTF? I chose stickers because while I have love for graffiti, I honestly didn’t have the time to want to step out late at night and go bombing. I respect those that do that, but I just wasn’t about that. Stickers were an easier way to get up at any given time or day without any risk.

BB: True. It’s definitely a 24/7 thing. When covering the city in Boogie stickers, I call it a slap and snap situation..slap it on and snap a pic, but what you do is clearly more involved in that. As in you actually create the stickers. Lemme ask you this, though; why is everyone from Queens? Am I missing something? Should I move?

INDAKUT: Lots of great artists come from Queens. I love and rep my borough. I shout out every artist in all the five boroughs I even consider Jersey the 6th borough. I just respect every artist from every borough, state, country and planet. Lol.

BB: Jersey, huh? Can CT get some love? What exactly is a sticker addict? You need the rush to make stickers or the rush to get them up?

INDAKUT: Sure, CT, too. As far as stickers are concerned, I get a rush just from creating something new. My team on the other hand- they get the rush ’cause they like putting them up and doing trades. I’m known for constantly switching it up. I don’t like running the same design over and over and over again. So once the old style runs out the new style comes in.

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BB: Do you think there is such a thing as sticker art?

INDAKUT: I think there is. I just don’t know how much of the public will take on that. People appreciate hand drawn stuff and painted stuff. When it comes to the digital world you get a lot of backlash. Somehow in people’s eyes it’s too easy or you’re cheating the art game. I say this because I’ve heard this before. I’m not trying to be accepted this is what I do as my expression on art. Some people will go with it and some people won’t. I personally believe that sticker art can happen it’s just how you perceive it.

BB: The legendary USPS sticker… even I dabbled my hand style on those little fellas back in the day…they came out like shit. Why is USPS a right of passage?  Do you think the Post Office knows the impact they’ve had on the graff world?

INDAKUT: The USPS sticker. The infamous 228. Lol. Those stickers do stay on for a long time. They’re easily accessible and they’re free. For a graph writer or a sticker artist these labels are easy to draw/write on and you can place them anywhere. I have noticed that now you have to ask the teller behind the window for the labels because they don’t lay them out in the open anymore [Ed. note: depends on the location]. The artist will still do what it takes to get their hands on them.

These labels will never fade out. They’re always in demand for business use so therefore they cannot stop making them. I’ve recreated those USPS labels and some of my friends have gotten them printed as vinyl stickers. I’m pretty sure the USPS is well aware what these labels are being used for. The same goes for the UPS labels. You get a thermal printer and you good money.

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BB: And you make good money?  How did the whole making stickers idea come about?

INDAKUT: As I stated before the graffiti game was always interesting. I took notice to how creative people got with stickers. Everyone had a specific style and Graff writers used them too. I began with just the logo to the brand the “triangle.” From that point on it morphed into a variety of things. Then one of my homies “Einzoh” put me on to other people who were creative. Went to shows that were about sticker trading. Shit was real. That led to meeting so many people who were talented. I began connecting with artist outside of the United States. Never knew how big this was. I embraced it and appreciated it. Now I’m a full blown sticker addict. I’ve done some collaborations with well know artists. Shout out to those of you. I do digital art collaborations. I take a bit of Graff and some hand drawn designs and come up with some unique ideas. It’s fun and I enjoy it. I also love the feedback. One thing I’ve noticed is that egos with some of these artists is ridiculous.

BB: Ego meet humble. If they knew better they’d do better. At least you have the foresight to step out of the way of that nonsense. I know that you have mentored me some on this Uncapped journey and I am grateful for that. Where do you think this insight comes from?

INDAKUT: Ego vs the humble. A touchy subject. There are artists out there that are very talented. I always say that you respect every artist the same. There are a few that feel that they’re above other artists. To these artists- I won’t fuck with you. That ego shit will transform a person into an arrogant fuck. I just remove myself from that and surround myself with good humble people that love to do what they do. I feel like I’m a good person and I tend to look out for everyone. I’ve been around so I seen some of the shady shit people have done. If I can help somebody else [i.e. you] avoid that I will. It’s like I’m a big brother to others. On some real shit though do not take my kindness for weakness. I will not hesitate to slap a nigga stupid. I think I speak for the rest of my squad.

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BB: Ok, let’s move on to T-shirts. You design them as well. Would you label yourself a graphic designer? 

INDAKUT: You’re funny. I do label myself as a graphic designer. We as a team sit down and discuss t-shirt designs. We’ll contemplate colors, style, approach and genre etc. We trying to create a brand. We think about different ways to put this out on the market. We sometimes call each other at odd hours of the night and come up with ideas. I appreciate my guys for doing that because it keeps me on my toes.

Shout out to the Bowery Boogie for taking interest in the movement. Shout out to my squad BlacInc1, Einzoh, Lites FTR, Die Slow, Alski OTC, R.I.P PANE, Killa Kone, Topaz, Grey Owl and anyone whom I missed.

For INDAKUT stickers or shirts go to @indakutnewyork on Instagram (where else?) and www.indakutny.com

BB: No doubt. I second your shout outs and thank you for weaving words with us.

RIP PANE. Check the links for the homies who joined us already, and for those not in the Uncapped fam yet, just ask INDAKUT how to find me. Talent begets talent.

Now to the gallery!

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Peace, love and Boogie.

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