Clayton’s Corner: In the Ring with an Octogenarian Battling Trump

Posted on: March 3rd, 2017 at 9:47 am by
Photo: Clayton Patterson

Photo: Clayton Patterson

What do you do when you turn 80-years-old?  If you are Anthony Haden-Guest you get into the boxing ring and duke it out.

In the run-up to the big birthday bout, he sustained four broken ribs in an incident, and is also in line to surgically get sixteen teeth implants. He calls me up and says he wants to celebrate his 80th by fighting in the ring.  I tell Anthony Overthrow Boxing is where he must have the fight, and to contact Joey Goodwin to make it happen.

Anthony gets his fight. On his birthday, at Overthrow Boxing on Bleecker Street.  First couple of rounds with a warm-up your foe, Phil Maier,  and, then, the 3rd and final round against a much younger Donald Trump played by the Danger Man of Performance Art David Leslie.

Destiny rules and Anthony wins his match. Trump goes down for the count. No fake news there.

But, who is Anthony, you ask?

Photo: Clayton Patterson

Photo: Clayton Patterson

Born in Paris in 1937, Anthony is the British son of a UN diplomat, who became fourth Baron Haden-Guest.  The aristocratic titles were passed to his younger brother, as his parents were not yet married when he was born.  World War II comes along, and his family gets rounded up in France and deported to a refugee camp.  Bad water and food lead to a life-long struggle with tooth decay.  Private schools, good education, eventually make it to America and enter the art world.  Lives the life based on opposites.

Becomes recognized as a rhymer, art critic, illustrator, writer, Grammy winner, published books to written articles in New York Financial Times, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Paris Review, possible article which lead to being blamed for Basquita’s death, mentioned in Sid Vicious NYC history book.  Kidnapped reporting on Lebanon war.  In NYC stabbed 14 times.  Lost control of a warehouse which lead to forfeiture of original pieces by Haring and Basquiat.

(And an interesting post-script – Hayden-Guest was reportedly the inspiration behind the Peter Fallow character in Bonfire of the Vanities.)


All photos by Clayton Patterson

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