On Stanton Street, the Kitty’s ‘Go-Go’ Sibling has Folded [Updated]

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 at 5:10 am by


With roll-down gates mostly drawn, Kitty’s Canteen and its adjacent Go-Go kin always strove for that “we are most likely closed” vibe. Now it is so. The smaller space next door is confirmed closed, but may return shortly. 

Phone lines to the two establishments were also disconnected, the operators quick to say as much.

Update: owner Richard Kimmel tells us that only the GoGo is out of commission, and that Kitty’s Canteen is still operational, despite our previous report. They switched phone providers and had to change the number. 

The brainchild of The Box’s Richard Kimmel, Kitty’s Canteen debuted in May of 2014 as homage to his grandmother. It featured Jewish soul food in a nightclub atmosphere, and counted Snoop Dogg (Lion?) as an investor. Sixteen months later, a “lighter” version appeared next door in a more “fast casual” climate with seventeen seats.

But the Kitty’s concept wasn’t always popular. One incensed Yelper noted the following:

What a scam this place is. We came here for a birthday dinner and they tried to charge us $200 for a $11.99 bottle of wine (retail price).  We are not Luddites and we understand markup. $40, sure. $200?????  The crucial part is that when we asked for a price list, they said that they don’t have a price list. When asked again, they said that it’s the house wine and never told us the price. At the end of night they said that the house wine price is $200. Okay, sure. We are in the royal palace in Oman. House wine is $200. What schmucks. Please note that this is also a place where $80 dinner gets you boiled vegetables and 2inch potato latkes and $80 dessert is box of cookies. Please don’t come here unless you would like a masochistic evening.

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