On Cherry Street, Extell Dumps its Mountain of Garbage Next Door

Posted on: June 23rd, 2020 at 5:00 am by

There is a persistent mountain of garbage on Cherry Street under the purview of Extell. Only problem is that it’s corralled and disposed on the property next door.

Fed-up neighbors allege that the so-called “affordable building” at 227 Cherry Street – Extell erected this development alongside the ritzy One Manhattan Square – places its refuse over the property line. Stashed between traffic barriers in front of the walkway that bisects it and the vacant store building to the east. The problem is chronic, and has been ongoing for the last few months. Basically, since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“They pile their trash on the neighboring property and in a [makeshift] parking space, blocked by 3 large plastic barriers,” a tipster tells us. “[Extell has] about 700 feet of sidewalk between the luxury tower and 227 Cherry.”

Department of Sanitation regulation states that property owners must put garbage in front of their own premises. (“A person may not use another person’s receptacles without permission, or place his/her garbage in front of a premises other than the building in which he/she resides or works.”) Fines for such violations are hardly a deterrent, though – $100 for first and second offenses, and $200 for each subsequent.

The presiding belief is that Extell has an image to uphold for One Manhattan Square, and doesn’t want bales of garbage to tarnish the luxury sheen.

Meanwhile, CB3 is blaming the habit missing parking signs. This was reportedly the response after a reader submitted a formal complaint to the advisory body.

A field officer from DSNY spoke to the super at 227 Cherry Street as well, and it appears there are also a number of issues with missing DOT signs to indicate an active driveway and active fire hydrant that need to be replaced.  DSNY has contacted DOT to address the missing street signs.

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