Out on the Essex Street ‘Fiore Escape’

Posted on: October 18th, 2021 at 5:04 am by

Photo: Charley Crespo

The fire escape spectacle entertained Essex Street anew.

Friday evening, Lower East Sider Jill Fiore again stepped onto her tenement fire escape at 29 Essex for a short concert.

Fiore was flanked by bandmates Derek Cruz on lead guitar, Dave Spinley on saxophone, and Joan Chew on bass. Like previous Fiore Escape outings, this one was a community event in which neighboring businesses participated, including a pizza party courtesy of the Party Bus Bakeshop.

Photo: Charley Crespo

It was one year ago during PAUSE, when holed-up city-dwellers needed to blow off steam, Fiore first performed from the ironworks of 29 Essex, providing a dose of entertainment to a populace starved of clubs and concerts. What followed was an outpouring of neighborly love, and related press coverage.

Fiore had contracted COVID-19 earlier in March 2020, when the idea first germinated.

Photo: Charley Crespo

For this fourth show, the ante was upped. Livestream. There was a cameraman on top of a van across the street, as well as a camera attached to the railing of her fire escape.

“People in Australia are currently under the kind of strict lockdown New Yorkers suffered through in 2020,” Fiore explained before the show. “I’m doing the livestream for them and for all of the people who can’t be there but want to experience this magical New York night.”

Photo: Charley Crespo

Including for her mother to watch from her home in Toms River, New Jersey.

All photos courtesy of Charley Crespo

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