Uncapped: CAINE ONE Forever

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How would you like CAINE to be remembered?

(NOTCH 56) I want people to understand he wasn’t a common burglar but a true Graffiti king, someone who inspired and continues to inspire. MR CAINE 1 The Knight Hawks.

(FREEDOM) I think CAINE should be remembered as a pivotal figure in the graffiti movement who helped open the doors for conceptual cars. He had a unique voice that helped pave the way for writers like LEE and BLADE to expand their vocabularies, using pictorial elements other than those found in the funny papers.

(LADY PINK) I haven’t stopped talking about him for decades, just this year I did this ‘CAINE ONE FOREVER’ canvas now up at the Museum of Graffiti in Miami. He was such a nice gentle guy, I brought him to nice places & people treated him like gold. He never was disrespectful, always a gentleman, even sitting alone in his bedroom he always showed respect. Some guys act  all hardcore when they’re with their boys but can be really gentle when they’re by themselves. I had a boyfriend at the time and CAINE never made a pass at me, he was true friend and we inspired one another with our art.

(JIMMY 131) TAGE used to always say that CAINE wanted to piece a 747 at one of the NYC airports. He was an incredible artist who put Woodside on the graffiti map. Rest in peace Eddie.

(ZAR) Kind, Loving, Brave, Super Smart, Funny, The True King Of The 7 Line, Woodside’s Own Son And My Friend.

(Martha) He was a very talented artist who tragically died too soon.

(PHANTOM) I left NYC by the time he had finally attained his first exhibition, if he had lived he would have gone on to great accomplishments. I hope CAINE is forever remembered for his vision.
(ROGER) I would like for him to be remembered as someone that was an innovator; a real artist in the sense that he had a concept of what he was doing art wise, not just writing his name but an entire background with ideas to it. We were in that time transitioning from just doing tags to little pieces that were enhanced tags and then to bubble letters, people started using 3D, the influence of FLINT 707, that sort of style. Graffiti had evolved into a patching of ideas from various people that everyone was just grabbing, it wasn’t one person that came up with every concept or every idea that took place, it evolved over a period of time. CAINE was one of the first that came up with this whole car concept and made it his own contribution to the culture. He actually sat down and came up with the characters, like the fun face on the car, when you saw the train coming, you would have a character coming at you and then you would see the whole side painted. I don’t recall a hell of a other people doing that.

Courtesy: Martha Cooper

RIP Eddie

Freddy Alva 2021

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